Our Team Memebers.

Through these introductions, you will gain insight into the diverse backgrounds and personalities that come together to create innovative solutions. Whether it’s our creative designers, skilled developers, marketing experts, or project managers, you’ll discover the wealth of talent and knowledge that drives our success.

Pascal Siegrist

Founder and CEO

Pascal is a Swiss entrepreneur with years of experience in finance, real estate, investment, insurance and strategic advisory in M&A.
From the beginning of his professional career, he has been focused on establishing his own businesses. He has led many companies and was the founder of 3 of the strongest brands in the CBD industry in Switzerland with distribution across whole Europe.

Robin Lehmann

Co-Founder, CTO

Co-Founder and CEO of DataUnion, machine learning expert and crypto native, developing AI for over 10 years (DXC, Rolls-Royce), e.g. head of Ocean Protocol Ambassadors. Shaping the new Data Economy based on compute-to-data.

Maximilian Rang


Advisor, creative director and entrepreneur in decentralized currencies. With a creative direction background for major brands like Audi and Porsche, Maximilian took an entrepreneurial route in the world of decentralized currencies in 2017.
As a metaphysics, tokenomics and branding expert, he advises clients who strive for more fair, decentralized, healthy and free earth.

Thorsten Düser


Thorsten has worked as an investment banker for more than 30 years including 27 years at Credit Suisse and JP Morgan. Nowadays he advises entrepreneurs on financing and strategically growing their companies by way of M&A, IPOs and partnerships. Based in Switzerland he works with clients around the world and across the entire sector spectrum. He is a German citizen, has three children and was educated in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Japan and the US.

Oliwer Nastaziak


Oliwer is a cryptocurrency enthusiast with a background in finance and management. In his professional experience, he has maintained a modest but successful e-commerce business and worked as a payroll and HR specialist, supporting clients from all over the world in establishing their operations and employing staff in Poland. He is currently employed as a web3 marketing specialist and works with a Swiss-based firm focused on in-vitro diagnostics and the distribution of Malaria Immunity Supplements in Africa.

Ivan Kokeza

Sales & Acquisition international

Ivan is experienced entrepreneur and executive consultant with MBA in Strategic Management and 25 years of general management and BoD experience.
in a number of industries in the US, Switzerland, Canada, France, and former Yugoslavia. He executed complex projects in 38 countries and cultures in Energy (including Renewables), Industry, Satellite Tracking Technology, Healthcare, Medical Technologies and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Francisco Aboy

Development team

Francisco is a tech enthusiast and a crypto early adopter from Argentina with 8 years of experience in software development and 4 years building applications for the fintech industry.`

Batu Isik

Development team

UX/UI designer with experience in web 3.0 projects. Worked in various environments including agencies, corporates and start ups.

Keanu Darvishali

Head of Marketing

Founder and CEO of Sallyta Design & Marketing Agency with more than 10+years of experience in developing and creating online and offline design concepts for successful brands. Creative direction and creation of online marketing campaigns and social media support. Corporate design, logo design, web design and implementation.

Karolina Korab

Marketing Specialist

Karo is excited about blockchain technology use cases and good design, also outside of the crypto space. She started her Web3 journey with Community Management, currently pursuing Social Media and Content Creation. With background in Fine Arts and Informatics, she has a unique perspective on marketing. Privately an avid traveller.

Sagar Pandya

Community Specialist

Sagar is an experienced community manager and cryptocurrency community advisor. He has worked on a few major crypto projects like: BNB Chain, Alliance Block, Lamina1 or Outlier Ventures.

Dean Rakic


As a blockchain and AI expert and professor at a few European universities including Rome and Munich, Dean has extensive experience in managing data
architecture, specifically in the healthcare industry. He excels in project management, stakeholder management, and business liaison. With over 25 years of
knowledge in IT and software architecture, he is skilled in risk analysis and project controlling. He is dedicated to promoting innovation through mentoring
and lectures in various industries, including sustainable projects.

Frank Wolf


Frank has been the CEO of a full-service eCommerce & Fulfillment company for over 20 years. With his profound IT knowledge in combination with his
logistics and process expertise, he works as a advisor and service provider for numerous companies. With his extensive sales and business development skills,
he is an excellent networker and has numerous cross-industry contacts to executives and decision-makers.

Ivan Nikic

Development team

Passionate about developing complex and scalable systems with high traffic, developing innovative solutions that meet the needs of businesses and users
alike, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Proud that, in addition to my technical skills, I have developed a deep
understending of how bussines operate and how technology can be leveraged to improve operations and meet strategic objectives.