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Our solution

Recyclium introduces an avant-garde solution to waste management, employing blockchain technology to track and recycle products while equitably rewarding collectors.

Our system is underpinned by OpsChain, a corporate-focused blockchain engineered by Ernst & Young, a global frontrunner in business strategy and consulting services. Collaboratively crafted with DataUnion Foundation, Recyclium’s technology stack offers a robust, trusted platform. This platform empowers manufacturers to seamlessly incorporate product tracing technologies into their production lines, simultaneously incentivizing producers and consumers.

Through the Recyclium App, manufacturers can catalyze recycling campaigns for their products. Consumers, in turn, can engage with these campaigns, register their purchases, and earn rewards for returning products to Recyclium-endorsed stores or recycling centers, conveniently located via our app.

Pioneering Sustainable Waste Management in Developing Regions

Recyclium stands as a beacon for developing countries grappling with insufficient infrastructure and a deficit of environmental awareness. Our recycling incentive programs, complemented by comprehensive waste tracking and tracing, serve to amplify public consciousness regarding recycling. They also promote the establishment of recycling centers, meeting the demand from customers eager to engage in responsible waste disposal.

Leveraging the Recyclium Bounty System for Strategic Marketing

The Recyclium bounty system functions as an astute marketing strategy, enhancing a manufacturer’s reputation while advocating for environmental sustainability. By reclaiming valuable resources from discarded items such as plastics, cans, and glass bottles, we substantially mitigate the amount of non-biodegradable waste requiring disposal or reuse.

Our effective waste management metrics provide companies with a tangible means of demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility, thereby augmenting resource efficiency. We invite you to participate in our mission of creating a world devoid of wasteful practices, facilitated by Recyclium’s groundbreaking waste management solution.







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