Investor Perspectives on Corporate Sustainability in 2023


Sustainability is becoming a pivotal aspect of business operations. Understanding how investors perceive this element is crucial for companies aiming to align with modern standards and receive funding support. The PwC Global Investor Survey 2023 reveals insightful trends in investor perspectives towards corporate sustainability. It signals a significant evolution in investment criteria.

1. Sustainability as a Primary Investment Factor

  • Investor Focus on Sustainability Risks and Opportunities:
    Recent trends show that 75% of investors prioritize a company’s sustainability risks and opportunities management in their investment decisions. This shift reflects a growing awareness of environmental and social governance (ESG) factors in investment strategies.
  • Sustainability in Strategic Decision-Making:
    Investors are increasingly interested in how sustainability integrates into a company’s long-term strategy and financial performance. Thus, emphasising the importance of sustainable business models for long-term value creation.

2. Authenticity in Sustainability Reporting

  • Combatting Greenwashing in Sustainability Reports:
    An astounding 94% of investors expressed concern about the authenticity of sustainability claims in corporate reports. With that, the call for transparency and factual reporting in sustainability disclosures is louder than ever.
  • Enhanced Sustainability Reporting Standards:
    The growing demand for reliable reporting is driving the adoption of new sustainability reporting standards, such as those from the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, to ensure consistency and comparability in sustainability performance reporting.

3. The Role of Technology in Value Creation

  • Investor Interest in AI and Emerging Technologies:
    Highlighting the role of technology in modern business, 61% of investors consider the accelerated adoption of AI and emerging technologies as a key factor influencing value creation in companies.

4. Impact of Sustainability on Investment Decisions

  • Increasing Investments in Sustainable Companies:
    Companies that effectively manage sustainability concerns are likely to attract more investments. 69% of investors are willing to increase their stakes in such businesses.

5. In-depth Impact Analysis

  • Beyond Financial Performance: The Environmental and Social Impact:
    A significant shift towards ‘inside-out reporting’ has been observed. 75% of investors want to understand a company’s impact on the environment and society, not just its financial performance.

Conclusion: A New Era for Corporate Sustainability

The PwC Global Investor Survey 2023 underscores a transformative period in investment decision-making. It shows that sustainability is not just a buzzword but a core business imperative. Corporations must adapt to these evolving expectations by integrating sustainability into their strategic planning and reporting. Furthermore, ensure they meet the criteria of today’s discerning investors.

Full report: Here

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