Embracing transparency: EU's stricter Greenwashing laws

The European Union is finally taking a bold stance against greenwashing. The need for genuine sustainability practices is now becoming mandatory with the EU’s new directive to intensify regulations against misleading environmental claims.

EU’s Stand Against Greenwashing:

The European Parliament’s recent directive means a crackdown on greenwashing practices. It is mandating that environmental claims by companies must be substantiated with factual evidence. This will finally foster an authentic sustainable market. Where eco-friendly claims are realities backed by concrete data and not marketing tactics.

”Eco-friendly”, “Eco-neutral”, and “sustainable” must therefore disappear from packaging as very often this is nothing more than a marketing ploy. Unless – there’s proof behind these labels!

Understanding the Directive

In 2020 – the European Commission conducted research into product labelling and found that as many as 53% of product indications were false or misleading. The new directive accepted by the parliament almost unanimously primarily targets generic environmental claims. Claims such as “eco-friendly,” “green,” “biodegradable,” or “carbon neutral” lack substantiation and are simply whitewashing big producers. This mislead the customers into thinking that they are acting in the interest of the planet. EU will only permit sustainability labels based on approved certification schemes or set up by public authorities.

Implications for Businesses

For businesses, this means adapting to a new framework of compliance. Solid evidence must be provided for environmental claims. Also, sustainability labels need to be based on recognized criteria. Companies will need to ensure that their marketing practices align with these new rules, focusing on authenticity and transparency.

Benefits for Consumers

This directive empowers consumers, enabling them to make better-informed purchasing decisions. It ensures that products claiming to be environmentally friendly are genuinely so. Thus helping consumers to navigate the often-confusing array of green claims and labels.

Adapting to Enhanced Regulations:

For businesses facing the challenges of adapting to these new regulations, Recyclium’s solutions provide a seamless transition to a framework where sustainability claims are compliant with EU directives while demonstrably true. This reinforces the brand’s commitment to real environmental responsibility.

The Rising Importance of ESG Reporting:

EU’s new directives also underscore the increasing importance of robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting. Our system is designed to help businesses enhance their ESG reporting. This offers in-depth insights into the environmental footprint of their products.


As the EU takes significant steps to eliminate greenwashing, Recyclium remains dedicated to pioneering genuine sustainability practices. Our solutions are tailored for compliance while setting new standards in environmental accountability. We invite brands to partner with us in this transformative journey. Where sustainability is claimed, demonstrated and celebrated.

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