Recyclium: Your Comprehensive Solution for Sustainable Development
For businesses aiming to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and position their products as truly environmentally friendly,
Recyclium offers an all-inclusive solution for the traceability of recyclable waste.

Unrivaled Product Tracking and Traceability

Recyclium enables the registration and traceability of any product or packaging, including single-use plastics. Participating in our system demonstrates a tangible commitment to recycling through a bounty system that rewards collectors for returning products and packaging to producers, all without the need for costly collection devices.

Data-Driven Insights for Business Optimization

Our database accumulates extensive data on your product’s journey from manufacturing to consumer utilization and recycling. This rich dataset offers valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing for the optimization of production and distribution lines. Furthermore, manufacturers can target their missions at specific locations, enhancing operational efficiency.


Transparency and Compliance with
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain Technology
Utilizing blockchain technology to track recyclables provides undeniable proof of the volume of materials
returned and reused by the producer. This enhances transparency and assists in regulatory compliance.

Streamlined Labeling and Cost Reduction

The Recyclium database can include label information, giving deeper insights into the origin of product components and manufacturing dates, potentially eliminating the need for physical labels. Moreover, companies can reduce expenses by avoiding Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) taxes, such as packaging and plastic taxes.

Access to the Raw Materials Market

Recyclium grants access to the original raw materials market, reducing the need to purchase recycled plastics from various sources.


A Game-Changer for Meeting
  • SDGs
  • and ESG
Our technology revolutionizes companies’ efforts in meeting SDGs, facilitating digital transformation in reporting to ESG regulators,
and contributing to environmental remediation in a meaningful and transparent, blockchain-powered manner.