World Leader In Plastic Bottle Recycling

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Because of the growing demand for environmentally friendly products, “greenwashing” has become a typical marketing tactic for businesses to make their products appear more sustainable. The fundamental issue with greenwashing is its effectiveness – most of greenwashing businesses cannot justify true eco-friendliness financially as making a true shift turns out to be prohibitively expensive. As a […]

Plastic pollution is a global problem. 

By 2050, the number of plastics in oceans and seas will exceed the number of living organisms.We are yet to see the outcomes of the ongoing plastic pollution. Currently, over 2 million living animals are dying because of plastic pollution – this number will increase drastically after plastics in the environment decompose to more aggressively […]

The Value Of Data

In today’s world, data is one of the most valuable commodities.  Recyclium will provide it by tracking and tracing not only the products from producers to end users, but also the waste from them back to the company that produced it and should be taking responsibility for reusing it and incorporating it into their production chain. […]