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Recyclium is a blockchain-based solution that aims to promote the circular economy by tracking and collecting recyclable items and reducing waste. It provides companies with the tools to monitor and manage the flow of materials throughout a product’s lifecycle, increasing transparency and accountability, and promoting sustainability.

It requires no KYC to disburse financial rewards for collectors of recyclable materials. Our platform is a game-changer for companies looking to meet SDGs, ESG regulations, access neatly selected raw materials with single unit track and trace, and contribute to environmental remediation in a meaningful and transparent way.

Team Members

The Recyclium founding team is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, including Entrepreneurship, Investing, Finance and Banking, Insurance, Strategic Consultancy, Machine Learning, Business Management, Sales, Marketing, Community Management, Software Development, Fintech, Blockchain Technology, and Web3 services.

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Pascal Siegrist

Founder, CEO

Pascal is a Swiss entrepreneur with years of experience in finance, real estate, investment, insurance and strategic advisory in M&A. From the beginning of his professional career, he has been focused on establishing his own businesses. He has led many companies and was the founder of 3 of the strongest brands in the CBD industry in Switzerland with distribution across whole Europe.

Fabio Martinetti


Fabio has been an entrepreneur since 2013, when he started with building online communities and market places around gaming. He taught himself C# and C++ to code simple applications and sell licenses for them. Ever since, he’s living my passion to build things. Expert in: Personal development, e-commerce, tech/blockchain and growing startups.

Angus HQ
Angus MacCormick


Startup entrepreneur with a demonstrated enterprise history of working in the Cloud, AI, IOT, Blockchain, Web3.0, MetaVerse and security industry. Skilled with global expertise in taking new advanced technologies to market in mobility, Crypto, Cyber Security, Networking, Data Centre, Video and Emerging Technologies. Sales Leader with Go-to-market Strategy and strong track record of building and coaching high performing teams. Graduated from the University of Glasgow with Bachelor of Computing Science and Engineering, then MBA.

Oliwer Nastaziak
Oliwer Nastaziak


Oliwer is a seasoned professional with expertise in marketing, community management, finance, and business operations. He is one of the key team members of “Defiants” - a community management agency and has a successful track record in e-commerce and payroll/HR. He has provided international clients with support in setting up operations and staffing around the world, and works with a Swiss company in the in-vitro diagnostics and malaria supplement distribution in Africa.

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Thorsten Düser


Thorsten has worked as an investment banker for more than 30 years including 27 years at Credit Suisse and JP Morgan. Nowadays he advises entrepreneurs on financing and strategically growing their companies by way of M&A, IPOs and partnerships.

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Frank Wolf

Chief Innovation Officer

Frank has been the CEO of a full-service eCommerce & Fulfillment company for over 20 years. With his profound IT knowledge in combination with hislogistics and process expertise, he works as a advisor and service provider for numerous companies. With his extensive sales and business development skills,he is an excellent networker and has numerous cross-industry contacts to executives and decision-makers.

Dean Rakic


As a blockchain and AI expert and professor at a few European universities including Rome and Munich, Dean has extensive experience in managing dataarchitecture, specifically in the healthcare industry. He excels in project management, stakeholder management, and business liaison. With over 25 years ofknowledge in IT and software architecture, he is skilled in risk analysis and project controlling. He is dedicated to promoting innovation through mentoringand lectures in various industries.

Ivan Kokeza

‍Sales & Acquisition international

Ivan is experienced entrepreneur and executive consultant with MBA in Strategic Management and 25 years of general management and BoD experience in a number of industries in the US, Switzerland, Canada, France, and former Yugoslavia. He executed complex projects in 38 countries and cultures in Energy (including renewables), Satellite Tracking Technology, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Maximilian Rang

Marketing Lead

Advisor, creative director and entrepreneur in decentralized currencies. With a creative direction background for major brands like Audi and Porsche, Maximilian took an entrepreneurial route in the world of decentralized currencies in 2017. As a metaphysics, tokenomics and branding expert, he advises clients who strive for more fair, decentralized, healthy and free earth.

Dawid Planeta

App Development Lead

Dawid is a hands-on CTO with a 15+ year track record of developing complex software products. With expertise in software architecture, data analytics and design, including sophisticated settlement and interoperability across DLT ecosystems. Dawid is an is an blockchain enthusiast and a fervent founder since his first corporate innovation programs at Thomson Reuters, where he was responsible for a US$2Bn company’s flagship product Eikon. Dawid graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Science (with cryptography spec) at Jagiellonian University, Poland. Prior to Recyclium, Dawid built companies from scratch that grew to $50m+ valuation in less than one year.

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Ivan Nikic

MVP Development Lead

Passionate about developing complex and scalable systems with high traffic, developing innovative solutions that meet the needs of businesses and users alike, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. Proud that, in addition to my technical skills, I have developed a deep understending of how bussines operate and how technology can be leveraged to improve operations and meet strategic objectives.

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Ryan Kinnear

AI Development Team

Sarah Moritz

Event Management

Sagar Pandya

Social Media Specialist

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Katarzyna Zimna

Marketing Strategist

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